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LinPRO for Top Producing Laying Hens

At O&T Farms, we are helping layer producers and their hens reach their full potential in a highly competitive marketplace. Our linPRO Omega-3 poultry feed ingredients are rich in the fatty acid α-linolenic acid (ALA) and offers both conventional and organic opportunities to optimize production efficiencies and optimize bird health.

Omega-3 enriched eggs are great for human health. Start your production with linPRO poultry feed supplements.

The Value of LinPRO:

  • Excellent source of highly digestible energy and amino acids
  • Supports immune system for better overall health
  • Optimizes flock production performance 
  • Elevates levels of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids in eggs
  • Safe and easy-to-use
  • Palatable for the birds with an exceptional shelf-life

Flock Towards a Better Diet: Benefits of LinPRO for Laying Hens

At O&T Farms, we know laying hens! We are a world leader in value-add eggs with over 50 years of experience in laying hen production, omega-3 egg marketing and feed manufacturing. Through extensive research & development, we have gained an indepth understanding of the challenges producers face when it comes to feeding flaxseed to laying hens, especially as it relates to antinutritional factors and digestive challenges. That is why we developed and manufacture the natural, flaxseed-based feed ingredient known as linPRO as a way to alleviate these challenges.This high quality ingredient provides a digestible source of energy and amino acids to support the nutritional needs of the hen while also enriching eggs with Omega-3 fatty acids for consumers.

Pecking at the Details: O&T Analysis Programs Help Producers meet their Omega-3 Egg Targets

We believe in partnering with our customers to help them maximize their productivity, increase margins and target new markets by raising the level of Omega-3 in their end product. LinPRO customers can opt to participate in our voluntary Egg Analysis Program, which is designed to provide them with valuable data to ensure egg quality and enrichment goals are being met.Producers submit eggs to us for fatty acid analysis and we enter the results into our database to investigate the effects inclusion levels of linPRO may have on the fatty acid profil of the egg and to ensure producers are acheiving their targets.

To-date our findings have shown a linear relationship between the amount of linPRO added to the diet of laying hens and the total Omega-3 transfered to the egg. This supports independent research results which show when layers are fed higher levels of linPRO, the amount of ALA and total Omega-3 fatty acid in the egg increases and total saturated fatty acids in the egg decreases. The largest changes in fatty acid composition of eggs fed linPRO occur from day 0 to day 14 of feeding, with small additional changes from day 14 to day 28. This research and actual producer data provides us with valuable insight to support our clients in their goal of producing Omega-3 enriched eggs .

The Difference is in the Feed

LinPRO is an extruded feed product containing Non-GMO ingredients such as flaxseed and peas, providing a naturally better dietary source of protein, energy and Omeag-3 fatty acids for poultry. The unique processing parameters used to manufacture linPRO deactivate anti-nutritional factors commonly associated with flaxseed and improve the digestibility of nutrients by the birds.

Available for both conventional and organic poultry production, linPRO is easy-to-use on-farm, is palatable and safe for the birds, and has an exceptional shelf-life.

Epigenetic programming with LinPRO leads to improved skeletal development in pullets