Omega-3 feed supplement benefits


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We know that consumers are looking for healthier functional foods and are willing to pay more for them. We also know that the quality of those foods begins with what producers feed to their livestock.

After more than 50 years of experience in agri-business, O&T Farms knows animals, we know feed, and we know how to bring them together to enrich animal and human health. Our all-natural, land-based feed supplements balance the needs of producers, food processors, retailers and consumers by improving animal health and productivity, and providing healthier foods for the dinner plate.

Experts in Omega-3 Enrichment

Our patented dry extrusion manufacturing process is the most effective and efficient way to introduce all-natural, land-based ingredients into livestock feed that enriches the nutritional content and health profile. We extract the oil from flax or other oilseeds and encapsulate it into a protein-based carrier derived from pulses, to produce a soft, palatable mash of consistent quality that is highly digestible for the animal and easy for the producer to incorporate into the diet.

Our extruded flaxseed products, linPRO and linPRO-R, are used by livestock producers to naturally enrich Omega-3 in eggs, beef, poultry, pork and dairy products. This allows processors and retailers to serve the growing market for Omega-3 enriched functional foods.

LinPRO and linPRO-R are made from all natural, non-GMO ingredients, and also come in a certified organic formulation that creates more options to serve important niche consumer markets.

Better Immunity and Conception Rates

We have scientific data from numerous, third-party research trials that prove linPRO-R boosts immune response, improves conception rates and increases lactation in ruminants. All of our products contribute to better overall animal health and performance in all livestock types.

We fully support our customers with nutritional information and results of our functional analysis testing for our products, along with past and current research data.

Our nutritional experts are happy to help with any special formulations to meet the specific, local needs of our customers across the globe.