The Sunnyside of Omega-3 Eggs: Benefits for Human Health

Alpha-linolenic Acid (ALA), a type of Omega-3 fatty acid, is classified as an essential nutrient as it is deemed necessary to sustain mammalian life; however, the body cannot synthesize it and therefore it must be obtained through the diet. Eggs are the leaders of Omega-3 enriched foods, and we at O&T Farms are helping egg producers, food processors and grocery retailers to maximize their efforts to meet consumer demands for conventional and organic Nutritionally Better Omega-3 eggs.

Benefits of Omega-3 Eggs:

  • Contain > 700% of Omega-3 than conventional eggs
  • Support brain and heart health
  • Reduce inflammation

Consumers Want Omega-3 Food

O&T Farms partnered with Nielsen Perishables Group on the Consumer Reaction To Omega-3 Chicken survey to investigate consumers’ knowledge of Omega-3s and their desire for healthier foods in order to provide the industry with proof of the potential opportunity for Omega-3 food. The results show:

Championing Omega-3 Eggs with LinPRO


Why linPRO?

LinPRO, a stable and free-flowing Omega-3 feed ingredient developed specially for the enrichment of eggs, is made from a blend of full-fat flaxseed and then combined with pulses under O&T Farms patented dry extrusion process. The high oil content of flaxseed provides a readily available source of Omega-3 (ALA) energy.


Key Benefits of linPRO:

  • Land-based Omega-3
  • Consistency of Omega-3 enrichment
  • Shelf-ready safe (no grinding)
  • Stable, >12 month shelf life
  • Excellent sensory profile

Analytical Proof: The Linear Effect of LinPRO-24 on the Omega-3s in Large Eggs

Downloadable Files:

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