Good Things Come with Omega-3s

LinPRO-24, a stable, all-natural Omega-3 feed ingredient, is a unique blend of flaxseed and ground pulses processed under O&T Farms’ patented dry extrusion process. Dry extrusion of these quality ingredients produces a free-flowing meal that is safe, has enhanced nutrition factors, and is easily digested and palatable to the livestock. LinPRO-24 provides a significant level of Omega-3 fatty acids, which elevates levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in eggs and meats.

The processing parameters established by O&T Farms work to deactivate anti-nutritional factors within the feed and improve nutrient digestibility. The overall result is a high quality, affordable and nutrient-dense feed ingredient designed to promote animal production and contribute towards  overall health.

How Dry Extrusion Work

  • Rupture oilseeds
  • Form protein-fat matrix
  • Stabilize oils
  • Gelatinization of starch
  • Homogenization of feedstuff
  • Degradation of anti-nutritional factors

The Difference is in the Feed:

  • Improved sensory profile
  • Shelf-ready (No Grinding Necessary)
  • Stable, with a shelf life over 12 months
  • Nutritionally supported with improved fat & protein digestibility
  • Promotes overall animal health
  • Consistent Omega-3 transfer into eggs and meats
Feeding poultry linPro-24 feed

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Minimum 21% Crude Protein
  • Maximum 26% Crude Fat
  • Maximum 10% Crude Fibre
  • Maximum 10% Moisture