LinPRO is more than flaxseed / linseed, it’s the Best Omega-3 feed ingredient

O&T Farms developed linPRO, its patented Omega-3 specialty feed ingredient, using its dry-extrusion process. Combining the fat from flaxseed with land-based proteins (processed under a dry-extrusion process) creates digestible and palatable Omega-3 feed ingredients for a wide variety of livestock needs. The consistency of linPRO will support your Omega-3 needs for either livestock health reasons or to enrich functional food products (eggs, dairy or meats).

The LinPRO Advantage

Livestock  Health

  • Reproduction improvement
  • Improved immunity
  • Epigenetic opportunities
  • Increased growth performance
  • Better overall health (SCC Ruminant)

Omega-3  Functional Food

  • Consistent and reliable delivery of Omega-3s into functional food
  • Consistent sensory profile (no change to taste, texture, smell, or color)




  • Improved feed conversion
  • Consistent nutritional profile (protein, fat and amino acid)
  • Very palatable
  • Shelf stable for over 12 months
  • Improved energy availability
  • BHA fat stabilizer used in linPRO-B24 and linPRO-BR
  • Increased milk yield
  • Improved livestock growth

LinPRO does not have the following anti-nutritional factors that raw flaxseed or linseed has:

  • Trypsin inhibitor (mucilage) decreases endogenous enzymes
  • Non-starch polysaccharides (mucilage) increase intestinal viscosity causing reduced digestibility
  • Cyanogenic glycosides present in flaxseed produce hydrogen cyanide when the seed is crushed and exposed to water
  • Pytochemicals in flaxseed complete with estrogen to decrease calcium absorption.