Omega-3s Benefits to Pets:

  • Boost the immune system in the pet
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Support digestive health
  • Soften and shine the pets

It has been proven that Omega-3 fatty acids support pet gut health, foster brain and vision development, improve digestion, and reduce inflammation. Omega-3s are vital for a pet’s overall health, as their body cannot produce these essential fatty acids. Therefore, they need to come from a pet’s diet.

The Benefits of Flaxseed

Flaxseed is a sustainable oilseed, rich in Omega-3s that is frequently incorporated into pet foods. For the oil to be incorporated, the seed must be crushed or ruptured to make its rich polyunsaturated Omega-3 fat source available, which in turn will introduce oxidization concerns. Polyunsaturated fats oxidize extremely fast so once the flaxseeds are ruptured/crushed their useful life is limited. This shelf-life limiting factor is a critical issue for the pet food, and an opportunity for  linPET to help support.

The Power of Dry Extrusion

O&T Farms patented dry-extrusion process uses pressure, friction and temperature to erupt oilseeds and gelatinize starches (from pulses) around the fat cells. During the process, protein-fat and protein-starch matrixes are formed, which protect the unstable Omega-3 fat source. The effect is a nutrient dense and shelf-stable source of Omega-3s.  Perfect for the inclusion of Omega-3’s into a complete pet-food formula and supporting for increased packaging shelf-life.

How Dry Extrusion Works

  • Flaxseed cell wall ruptures
  • Protein structures change
  • Starches from the dried pulses gelatinize
  • Homogenization of ingredients (flaxseed and pulses)


Why linPET

linPET are unique blend of flaxseed and pulses processed under O&T Farms’ patented dry-extrusion process, creating a stable, free-flowing Omega-3 feed ingredient for pet foods.  Non-synthetic stabilizers are introduced to the manufacturing process (mixed tocopherol and rosemary extract) to help support the stability.  Ask O&T Farms for the label and nutritional specification sheet for linPET for use to your Pet Food formulations.


Benefits of linPET:

  • Stability of the fats and Omega-3s for greater than 12 months
    • Shelf-life tests with third party labs supporting
  • Analytical in-house testing (NIR) of both raw ingredients and finished product
    •  Fat
    •  Fibre
    •  Protein
    • Moisture
  • Ready to use (shelf ready), no grinding required – safe
  • 100% land-based, sustainable approach, no by-products
  • Non-GMO source
  • Suitable for grain-free diets
  • The pulses (dried peas & beans) are a high source of fibre (assists in digestive health)
  • The Omega-3s provide the mono-glycerite energy to the pet and soften & make their coats shine
  • No sensory issues with smell (fishy or marine smell)
  • Boosts the immune system in the pet (anti-inflammatory)

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