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O&T Farms: Working for the Health of it

At O&T Farms we believe everything and everyone are connected, which is why we work tirelessly to produce healthy feed that supports healthy animals and the production of healthy food. We are obsessively passionate about the food production chain, and our mission is to be the preferred provider of nutritious animal feed ingredients for the production of healthier food. Our primary focus is on natural, plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids that are sustainable and will help livestock and consumers alike.

For more than 50 years, our company has been providing all-natural, land-based feed solutions to livestock producers, feed suppliers, and vertically-integrated livestock processors around the world. With our roots originating in livestock production, we understand the importance of quality, consistent feed ingredients that support all levels of the supply chain. Additionally, our prairie homestead gives us the unique advantage of access to the highest quality agricultural crops and oilseeds, ensuring sustainable production.

In recognition of our legacy, O&T Farms was inducted into the Saskatchewan Business Hall of Fame at the 2019 Abex Awards. We are so proud to have our team recognized for our contributions to Saskatchewan over the last half-century and are excited to continue our global efforts into the future.

We believe a company is only as good as its values and we got our values from fearless founders:


Professionalism incorporates the way someone thinks, acts, what they say, and how they treat others. Maintaining professionalism is essential for every member of the team, both internally and externally. Staff show professionalism by:

  • Demonstrating reliability
  • Being polite, competent, honest, and accountable
  • Taking personal responsibility for actions, words, and performance
  • Following the rules, expectations, and policies of the company
  • Understanding what is expected within their role and asking if unsure
  • Using respectful language by avoiding swearing and keeping work topics appropriate
  • Enabling others by delegating, empowering, fostering teamwork, and providing tools and information so others can act


O&T Farms strives to create a culture of Safety-First thinking. This culture of safety creates an environment where all hazards can be identified, and all possible measures will be taken to remove or minimize the risk to employees.

Employees are encouraged to report all potential hazards in the work environment. Additionally, employees should report near miss incidents. Reporting these hazards and near miss incidents will fortify the safe operating procedures and provide for further education of employees on potential hazards.

O&T Farms strives to be a leader in safety in the industry.


O&T Farms looks inside the company for new innovative ways to complete the work of the organization and outside of the company to adopt new inventions, adapt to new environmental or political realities, or incorporate new business theories and processes. O&T Farms thinks outside the box. Innovators challenge the process by making improvements, learning, and having the courage to act.

There is also a look outside of the business at market trends and customer problems to find an innovative solution for new or improved products to offer, or different solutions to transportation, packaging, and service.

All innovative activities promote O&T Farm’s strategy and goals.

Lifelong Learning

Management and staff are continually looking to improve themselves by learning. Continual learning can take the form of online and in-person courses, learning from coaches or mentors, learning from reading, webinars, seminars or learning by experimentation. O&T Farms strives for personal growth of their staff, as well as growth of the team and company. Staff should challenge themselves by being open-minded and taking on new opportunities for personal development.

Patented. Powerful. Proven.

O&T Farms offers superior feed ingredients through our innovative dry extrusion technology and research and development program.

Trusted since 1967

O&T Farms is a pioneer and leader in the animal nutrition field, offering the most effective and efficient land-based feed products for Omega-3s in the world.