The Power of Dry Extrusion

Patented. Powerful. Proven.

O&T Farms offers superior feed ingredients through our innovative dry extrusion technology and research and development program. All products are made with our highest standards of quality to provide animals with a highly digestible, palatable and healthy feed ingredient.


How Dry-Extrusion Works

Dry-extrusion uses pressure and temperature to erupt oilseeds and gelatinize starches around the fat cells. During the process, protein-fat and protein-starch matrices are formed and anti-nutritional factors are dissipated, creating a Nutritionally Better animal feed ingredient.

  • Oilseed cell-wall ruptures
  • Protein structures change
  • Starches gelatinize
  • Homogenization of feed materials
  • Partial dehydration and sterlization of feed

Formation of Protein-Fat and Protein-Starch Matrices

Distribution maps were generated using synchrotron light and microscope aperture of 10 um x 10 um to demonstrate the chemical changes of the feed materials through dry extrusion processing. (Source: Canadian Light Source 2006)

  • The starch peaks become broader and less defined, suggesting a structural change.
  • The lipid peaks aggregate within the starch source and become more defined, suggesting the formation of new nutritional matrices.

Results of the Dry-Extrusion Process:

  • Increased digestibility of starch, proteins (amino acids) and celluloses
  • Increased metabolic energy
  • Inactivation of anti-nutritional factors and undesirable enzymes
  • Sterilization of product from important microorganisms
  • Improved palatability
  • Exceptional shelf life
  • Consistent and reliable nutrient supply

Quality Assurance

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at every level of production.
  • In-house NIR analysis of the nutrient profile for both raw materials and the finished feed ingredient.
  • Our facilities are CFIA approved to ensure all manufacturing controls and quality control programs are active and enforced. our facilities are animal protein free.
  • HACCP certified facilities.

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