A Stable All-Natural Omega-3 Ingredient for Pet Food Formulations

linPET provides a self-stable product to ​combat instability of the flaxseed fat in pet diets. Flaxseed once cracked or crushed is highly unstable due its exceptionally high percentage of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fat.  O&T Farms has the perfect solution using its patented dry-extrusion manufacturing process that blends full-fat flaxseed and pulses (dried peas/beans), creating protein-fat and protein-starch matrices protecting the Omega-3 fat source.  The result is the elevation of shelf-life by several months and creation of a nutrient-dense source of Omega-3s. All ingredients used in linPET meet natural and non-synthetic criteria.  A product ingredient list or formula can be supplied on request.


linPET is the Perfect Omega-3 Pet Food Ingredient:


  • Stability of the fats and Omega-3s for greater than 12 months
    • Shelf-life tests performed by third party labs
  • Analytical in-house testing (NIR) of both raw ingredients and finished product
    • Fat
    • Fibre
    • Protein
    • Moisture
  • Ready to use (shelf ready), no grinding required – safe
  • 100% land-based, sustainable approach, no by-products
  • Non-GMO source
  • Suitable for grain-free diets
  • The pulses (dried peas & beans) are a high source of fibre (assists in digestive health)
  • The Omega-3s provide mono-glycerite energy and soften the coat & add shine
  • No sensory issues with smell (fishy or marine smell)
  • Boosts the immune system in the pet (anti-inflammatory)


Guaranteed Analysis

  • Fat: 24%
  • Protein: 23%
  • Omega-3 fat: 12%

Nutritional product specifications are available anytime. Contact us today.
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