From Farm-to-Fork; The Health Benefits of Omega-3 Dairy

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Janna Moats of O&T Farms is featured in the August 2015 edition of American Dairymen, discussing linPRO-R.
Janna Moats ~ August 2015 American Dairyman

In the August 2015 issue of American Dairyman on page 33, Janna Moats discusses her findings on using extruded flaxseed (linPRO-R) to create an Omega-3 profile in milk. Janna goes on to say that feeding linPRO-R to dairy cattle can improve the health of the animal while simultaneously improving the nutritional value of the milk for consumers. The article discusses the relevant opportunity of developing healthier dairy products that carry an enhanced Omega-3 profile. Janna’s Omega-3 dairy data from her research thesis at the University of Saskatchewan is part of a collaborative effort between several parties. Of special note is the supervisory work provided to Janna by Dr. David Christensen and Dr. Timothy Mutsvangwa, both of the University of Saskatchewan.

While the Omega-3 profile carries such a recognized health benefit at the consumer level, another important facet pointed out by Janna was the three-fold increase in conjugated linoleum acid (CLA).

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