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The opportunity to meet with international associates through webinars

Over the course of 2020 there has been a shift in the manner in which we communicate with our stakeholders. The Covid-19 pandemic has had world-wide implications to travel and interpersonal interactions. However, this does not mean that O&T Farms Nutritional Better messaging of Omega-3 Feeds for livestock and food applications has subsided. In fact, during this period there has been internal reflection by the general public, which has led to the realization that nutrition is an extremely important aspect to a healthy life.

The ability to continue to present the benefits of a balanced omega-3/omega-6 diet for both livestock and humans is now accomplished using a different set of presentation formats. Our plane and rental cars have been substituted (at least for now) with the use of webinar application software. Our associates have been innovative in their ability to use these application programs and various other media sources that help present in a professional manner what our Nutritionally Better messaging of Omega-3’s is all about.

The nutritional components that we feed to livestock and ultimately to ourselves has grown in importance over the course of several months. This new-age ability to present to various stakeholders is now done via a screen across the entire world. The saying that “its 5 O’clock somewhere” has never been truer, as it relates to digital communication and that messaging has no time boundaries.

The video below was developed for a set of Webinar presentations that were coordinated by our International Sales Associates team and provides an introduction to what O&T Farms is all about.



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