Making connections in Abu Dubai, UAE

Building Value Added Relationships at VIV MEA 2023 in Abu Dubai, UAE

O&T Farms was honoured to take part in VIV MEA in Abu Dubai this past November.

The 4th edition of VIV MEA took place in Abu Dhabi from November 20-22, 2023. As the biggest Feed to Food exhibition in the region, this trade show offered products and trade opportunities from over 500 international exhibitors to MENA region professionals. Over three days, the show encouraged face-to-face meetings, networking, information exchange, and a bustling marketplace with over 10,080 visitors from 113 countries.

Through this incredible week it was such a pleasure partnering and being represented at the Kubbar International booth.  The team at Kubbar International were warm, welcoming and gracious with their time and knowledge.


With its headquarters in Kuwait, Kubbar International specializes in import, export, and distribution of an expanding cutting-edge range of animal feeds and feed supplements including Phytobiotics, Probiotics, Performance Enhancers, Feed Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals, as well as vaccines, Dairy and Poultry Farm equipment and many more.

They partner with innovative clients and distribute to more than one-third of Kuwait’s farms for quality animal health products.  They also serve customers located in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Through their innovative products and commitment to excellence, they make the effort to nurture and maintain long term relationships with all whom they work with.

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At O&T Farms we’ve been fortunate to build strong relationships and share our linPRO® line of products all over the world.  We foster exceptional animal health and boosting human nutrition through omega-3 eggs, chicken, beef, dairy and many others.  Our goal to spread the news of our sustainable and nutritious products will always be our focus and partnering with so many others who see the value and benefits makes this goal so much more attainable.

Thank you to Kubbar International for hosting us in Abu Dubai and being a dynamic team we are proud to be associated with.



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