Digestibility of Non-extruded and Extruded linPRO

Research Abstract


Digestibility (Apparent Metabolizable Energy and Amino Acid Utilization in Broiler Chickens) of non-extruded and Extruded LinPRO

Authors :

H.L. Classen (University of Saskatchewan)

Purpose :

To measure the apparent nutrient digestibility (faecal AME, ileal amino acid digestibility) of non-extruded and extruded LinPRO using broiler chickens.

Methodology :

  • Male broiler chicks were fed a commercial diet until 22 days of age. Following this, birds were randomly assigned into the two dietary treatments.
  • Each of the treatment diets (40% non-extruded or extruded LinPRO) and the basal diet were replicated 6 times with 5 birds per replication.
  • Test meals were added to a basal diet at the expense of the diet as a whole. Celite was added to all diets as a source of indigestible marker.
  • After being on treatment diets for 7 days, contents of the distal ileum were collected. Coefficients of apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids were calculated.

Results :

Extrusion of LinPRO produced a major increase in performance and clearly demonstrated the beneficial effects of extrusion. The use of LinPRO also caused a major increase in its AME and apparent ileal amino acid digestibility.

Conclusion :

Extrusion of LinPRO results in a dramatic increase in its nutritional value.


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