An Evaluation of linPRO under Commercial Conditions

Research Abstract


Preliminary Report: An evaluation of LinPRO Under Commercial Conditions

Authors :

Robert M. McKay (Swine Research & Development Corporation)

Purpose :

  • To determine if feeding LinPRO had a detrimental effect on live and carcass performance.
  • To determine if feeding LinPRO resulted in higher levels of the Omega-3 polyunsaturates.

Methodology :

  • 20 pigs in 2 pens were included in the study.
  • The control pen received their usual finisher diet, while the treatment pen received their usual feed, augmented with LinPRO.
  • After 6 weeks, the pigs were removed from the trial and slaughtered. After the carcasses were chilled for 18 hours, samples were taken, cured and smoked. Fresh loin pork, bacon, and ham samples were transported for further evaluation.

Results :

  • It was found that ALA was higher in the pigs fed LinPRO, showing that Omega-3 fatty acids were higher in these pigs.
  • The pen fed the LinPRO enriched diet had a possible advantage in feed efficiency. There were small differences in average daily feed intake and average daily gain, with the pigs fed LinPRO having a slightly lower feed intake and a slight increase in average daily gain.
  • The carcasses of the pigs fed LinPRO had darker fat than the control carcasses, but this was the only difference between the two groups. This suggests that LinPRO treatment did not adversely affect the carcasses.
  • A taste panel was held and no significant differences were found between the LinPRO fed pork and the control diet.

Conclusion :

  • The live performance of pigs fed LinPRO had a possible advantage over the pigs fed the control diet.
  • It appears that LinPRO treatment does not adversely affect the pig carcasses and there was no major differences in taste or appearance of ham, loin and bacon.
  • Pigs fed LinPRO had higher levels of Omega-3, specifically ALA, than those pigs fed the control diet.

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