Effects of Coextrusion of Flaxseed and Field Peas on Pigs

Research Abstract


Effects of coextrustion of flaxseed and field peas on the digestibility of energy, ether extract, fatty acids, protein, and amino acids in grower-finisher pigs

Authors :

J.K. Htoo, X. Meng, J.F. Patience, M.E.R. Dugan, and R.T. Zijlstra

Purpose :

To determine the ileal and total tract digestibility of individual fatty acids, ether extract, energy, protein, and amino acids in a mix of flax and field peas and to determine whether extrusion improves the nutritive value of this mix.

Methodology :

  • A 50:50 mix of flax and field peas was divided and processed in 4 different ways:
    1. Ground through a knife mill, non-extruded
    2. Extruded using a single-screw extruder with minimal water input
    3. Extruded using a twin-screw extruder at low intensity
    4. Extruded using a twin-screw extruder at high intensity
  • The basal and flax/field pea diets were based on wheat and soybean meal. The 4 experimental diets included one of the flax/field pea mixtures at 30% of the basal diet.
  • T-cannulas were fitted to the distal ileum of the barrows. These contents were used for a 2-day collection of the ileal digesta. This, along with a 2-day collection of feces was used to analyze DM, ether extract, ash, and amino acids.

Results :

  • Extrusion increased the ATTD of GE, ether extract and the DE content of the flax/field pea blend, and the AID of certain amino acids.
  • Extrusion also tended to increase the AID of linolenic acid.
  • Extrusion did not affect the apparent total tract digestibility, and apparent ileal digestibility of DM, OM, and CP for grower finisher pigs.

Conclusion :

  • LinPRO, which is produced by single screw extrusion, resulted in a trend for greater AID of linolenic acid and total fatty acids as compared to other methods of extrusion.
  • Extrusion of the flax/field pea blend improved the digestibility of ether extract, energy, amino acids, and some fatty acids and thereby increased the content of DE and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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