Our Nutrition Guarantee

While branding and marketing are critical elements for the success of Omega-3s at the retail and consumer level, just as important are the facts behind what the packaging label claims.

The ability to market an Omega-3 chicken, turkey, beef, pork, dairy or egg product will be supported by O&T Farms because we have the research and technical staff to back up an All-Natural Omega-3 claim. As producers of broilers and layers ourselves for many years, we fully understand the technical aspects of Omega-3 enrichment through livestock feed.

We encourage growers, processors, animal nutritionists and retailers to contact us, and engage our nutritional team members. We can help you to formulate a nutritious and beneficial dietary inclusion that delivers optimal animal health and performance, and an Omega-3 enriched, value added end product.

The amount of Omega-3s that can be targeted to enrich various meats, dairy or eggs will depend largely on two criteria:

  • Dosage (amount or percentage of linPRO-R or linPRO added to the diet of the livestock)
  • Duration (the length of time that linPRO-R or linPRO is included into the dietary intake of the livestock)

Once the necessary dietary formulation has been established, O&T Farms can work to help set up the sampling protocol for the population. We will work hand in hand with nutritionists to document the various numerical Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acid results achieved. We follow strict test protocols and analytical testing procedures to ensure that the Science Inside the Food is accurate and reliable.