Dairy Data Decks

Maximize Nutrition, Feed Utilization & Animal Performance

O&T Farms understands the needs and requirements for today’s dairy nutritionists so we have invested in several of the most widely used Data Deck Software systems. A complete and accurate data deck profile using specific programs help support dairy & beef producers along with their nutritional teams. So not only do we understand nutrition, but we also support a progressive agricultural nutritional model that helps to explain the full benefits of linPRO-R. By providing this data we are supporting exact nutrient requirements of linPRO-R so that feed requirements, feed utilization and animal performance can be maximized. LinPRO-R is a free flowing mash feed that contains a dense polyunsaturated n-3 fat profile that will support:

  • Dairy fat requirements
  • Improved pregnancy rates
  • Reduced somatic cell counts (SCC)

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