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CerealPRO, Naturally

Setting Piglets up for Success

At O&T Farms, we understand that a successful early-weaned feeding programs depends heavily on high-quality, palatable feed ingredients. CerealPRO is a digestible and cost-effective protein source derived primarily from wheat, corn and soybeans to help get weaned pigs off to a great start!

The unique processing parameters established by O&T Farms work to improve the digesitbility of nutrients for the piglets and deactivate heat-labile antinutritional factors associated with the raw ingredients. The overall result is a high quality, affordable, nutrient-dense feed ingredient designed to promote piglet growth and performance. 

The Difference is in the Feed:

  • Digestible source of amino acids and energy
  • Cost-effective feed alternative
  • Safe and palatable for the piglets
  • Easy-to-use with exceptional shelf-life

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Minimum 22% Crude Protein
  • Maximum 13% Crude Fat
  • Maximum 5% Crude Fibre
  • Maximum 8% Moisture

Nutritional product specifications are available anytime. Contact us today.
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Certified through International Certification Services Inc. under the National Organic Program (NOP) in accordance to USDA Agricultural Marketing Services and the Canadian Organic Regime (COR).

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